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Welcome. Ummm so in case you were thinking there's no fangame. I made up this crap myself:/ So basically there is a frans warning so if you don't like frans leave if you want to if you're confident enough then read what i've done so far. bai;D

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  • discussion page Talk:Seth
    new comment by 3Rr0rblacl
    Comment: anyone ship frans? I don't OTP it i just ship it for no apparent reason at all.
  • edit Seth
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    Summary: i just did a bit of the storyline.
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    Summary: Describe your topic:
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    Summary: Welcome to the Wiki:
  • new page Seth
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    New page: Seth is the oldest frans child. She's of age five even though she looks older. She is the main character of the remade undertale. She's sometimes...
    Summary: i'll type the storyline someday later...
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    comment by Sannse


    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Remade undertale Wiki as part of the FAN... 

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